Arrangements at the Gutenbrunn Thermen & Sporthotel
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Arrangements for your spa vacation in the spa town of Baden with numerous inclusive services make your decision for a vacation in the Lower Austrian spa region easy. Leaf through and find your vacation deal!

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4-12 Nights
E-Mountainbike through the vienna woods
Uphill, downhill, cross country - pedal and power out until the calves burn? And discover the most beautiful places and enjoy breathtaking views? Or would you prefer to explore the area a little more comfortably with an e-mountain bike?
4-12 Nights
Valid from 01.07.2020 - 30.11.2021
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2 Nights
Aston Martin dream
VANTAGE - THE PERFECT PREDATOR The Vantage AMR is a new breed of predator - 95 kg lighter and equipped with a seven-speed manual transmission. This powerful vehicle offers the purest, immediate performance. His heart beats with a powerful 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine that produces the haunting Aston Martin sound.
2 Nights
Valid from 14.05.2021 - 28.09.2021
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1 Nights
Enjoy the beauties of Lower Austria for a day with the E-Peugeot 2008 Wachau, Mariazell, Schneeberg or Rust on Lake Neusiedl.
1 Night
Valid from 01.01.2021 - 24.10.2021
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2 Nights
XDiavel is "low speed exitement": The relaxed ride at low speed, real cruising combines with the emotion of sporty driving that is characteristic of every Ducati.
2 Nights
Valid from 01.06.2021 - 20.09.2021
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