Running in wide landscapes
Vienna’s green lung - marvellous paths for running

Running – to many people it is not only physical training but also recreation in nature and an opportunity to clear the mind. The Vienna Woods with their nearly endless natural surroundings which are crossed by numerous hiking, biking, running and walking routes as well as the spa resort Baden itself will make it easy for you to tie your racing shoes also in your holidays.

From the Hotel Gutenbrunn to your next run

Runners in paradise

You are a guest at the Gutenbrunn Thermen & Sporthotel and still ask yourself where it is best to start? Then you do not have to look far. There are possibilities for every time budget and every fitness level. No matter if within Baden or outside in the versatile surroundings, from a quick round in the evening to a jogging tour through the vineyards, joggers and runners will find numerous routes for their sport. Runners’ hearts will rejoice!

Fitness parkour in the Kurpark

Only a few metres from the Gutenbrunn Thermen & Sporthotel you can find a varied terrain for running in the wonderful woods of Baden’s Kurpark. Garnished with historical monuments you can do your open air fitness programme there - and this includes more than just running or walking: In the Kurpark Baden there is a 5 kilometres long parkour with fitness devices which invites both beginners as well as advanced sportsmen to do exercises. You can try two round courses: the parkour “Light” and the parkour “Intensiv” - an offer for the young and old and for every training level.

Running in Baden and its surroundings

Idyllic vineyards, old parks as well as landscape highlight will make running in and around Baden near Vienna a true experience. Marvellous running routes can, for example, be found in the direction towards Gumpoldskirchen and Guntramsdorf. For an easy orientation the paths are clearly marked and partly signposted with colour codes and kilometres. Or you run through the Helenental or along Vienna’s first water pipe - routes which are also popular hiking paths. If you prefer a short, fast round you can also go to the Doblhoffpark next to the Gutenbrunn Thermen & Sporthotel. Those who seek a challenge can collect kilometres on the hilly, woody paths at the edge of the Vienna Woods which border on Baden.

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We will also be happy to give you information on the individual running tracks on site in the hotel.


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For a period of 30 minutes, the name of the sample was reduced to 30 minutes. Your body could provide comfort and activity. These activities and activities are described above and in this context.

These are verified by age, weight, gender and your running speed. But on average you can burn around 250-300 kcal per 30 minutes.

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