Yoga studio in the Gutenbrunn Thermen & Sporthotel
Yoga on spa vacation in Baden near Vienna

Is there nothing more relaxing than a good yoga session for you? At the Gutenbrunn Thermen & Sporthotel you can combine your spa vacation with yoga. A yoga studio is located directly in the hotel. The yoga project studio offers a wide range of yoga classes for different target groups.

Your yoga studio in Baden

Stay in balance

Come to a place where everyday life and stress can safely stay outside the door. The yoga project offers a wide range of options to choose from. In the studio shop you will also find everything a yoga heart desires.

  • Basic: beginners
  • Flow: advanced
  • Relax: Relaxing yoga, very gentle, for all levels
  • Yoga 50+: gentle yoga, particularly suitable for people over 50


The yoga project studio is spacious with 200 m2. You will find the right yoga class for yourself in a light-flooded ambience, even without previous knowledge. There are separate cloakrooms and sanitary facilities (including showers). In addition, the studio is well equipped with yoga mats and other aids such as blankets and pillows, which you can borrow free of charge.

Before and after class you like to meet in the cozy lounge to exchange ideas and drink tea.

Should I come in Basic or Flow?

It depends on how long you have been practicing yoga, how fit you are and what you are looking for in yoga. If you already have yoga experience, are very fit or are looking for yoga that challenges your body and makes you sweat, Flow is the right thing for you. Otherwise Basic offers the ideal entry.

I am very immobile / shortened. Is yoga still right for me?

YES! No fear! Being flexible is not a requirement for yoga, although regular yoga practice makes you more flexible. There are no impossible contortions in our classes because we think yoga should be accessible to everyone.

What style of yoga do you teach?

Most yoga project teachers teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga, in addition you can find Ashtanga and Yin Yoga in our studio. Individuality and variety is very important to us and each teacher designs the classes according to their own personality. Martina and Niki teach Ashtanga Yoga with us, the biggest difference is that you practice without music. We recommend that you test yourself through our classes to find your personal yoga.

When should I be there? When does the studio unlock?

Please make sure that you are there early enough so that you have enough time to move and arrive on your mat in peace. The studio is open 25 minutes before the class starts. We start on time and have to lock the door to the studio at the beginning of the classes.

I have health problems. Can I still do yoga?

If you are not 100% healthy at the moment, please clarify with your doctor before the 1st session whether yoga is suitable for you. After you have spoken to your doctor and come to us, please let us know so that we can take care of you.

I'm pregnant. Can I still do yoga?

YES! We recommend that you start Mum2be Yoga from the 12th week of pregnancy. Before that, you are welcome to come to all basic and relax classes. Please let us know in advance of the class so that we can respond to you.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, the minimum age to attend classes is 13 years.

Knowledge of German is a prerequisite!

Use the opportunity to actively relax during your stay in Baden and to get to know like-minded yoga fans. Among the yoga courses at the Yoga Project Studio, there is a suitable group for yoga near Vienna for all skill levels.

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