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Badener Kurzentrum / health competence
The best place to be cared for

The Badener Kurzentrum in the old town of Baden plays a central role in the local cure tradition: It offers modern as well as classic forms of treatments with Baden’s sulphur water always standing in the middle of the healing tradition. In addition, a proven team of doctors and therapists guarantees sustainable health offers.

With the opening of the Spine Competence Centre in November 2007 a milestone for prevention and therapy of the musculoskeletal system was set. Here, both the DAVID spine concept and the spine liner are used as modern and alternative forms of therapy in rehabilitation.


Our therapy offer

from acupuncture to cell baths:

The therapies and treatments in the Badener Kurzentrum aim at active and passive support of your healing process. Numerous different forms of therapy are used, such as physical pain therapies, massages and sulphur treatments. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive treatment of different forms of physiotherapy such as single, group and underwater therapies.

  • Massages
  • Physiotherapies
  • Healing baths & packs
  • DAVID system
  • Electrotherapies
  • Spine liner
  • Shock waves
  • High-frequency therapy

You want to do a therapy but do not have a medical referral?

  1. Contact the Badener Kurzentrum or the Gutenbrunn
  2. An appointment for a medical examination is made
  3. After your visit to the doctor, get your appointment at the therapy reception
  4. The bill is issued by the Badener Kurzentrum

More information & descriptions of the therapies Go right to the Badener Kurzentrum!


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